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Thermocol Blocks for Marine Sector

EPACK India is a leading thermocol blocks manufacturer in India, based in Greater Noida. We have constantly worked to produce materials that can find application in various domains. The adaptability of our EPS thermocol blocks makes it an easy fit for application in other fields and industries. Moreover, our products have versatility in shape and structure making it perfect choices for packaging all types of products. EPACK provides thermocol blocks marine sector as per your requirements.

Our EPS thermocol blocks can be used by industries that deal with the packaging of goods, electronics and artifacts, etc. These blocks can be used to transport any kind of objects, and it will be sure to keep the item firmly in place. Thermocol blocks are used in a large scale in marine sector also. The EPS thermocol blocks can absorb any shock meant to affect the item so that it doesn’t break. We serve the biggest names in the supplying, packaging and moving industry.

thermocol blocks

They are durable and provide great thermal insulation as well. When it comes to manufacturing thermocol blocks for fisheries, we only use materials and processes that do not affect the environment at any cost. The blocks are water resistant to make sure your items reach the destination in one piece.

The open water can present deep challenges to the longevity and performance of boats and floating structures. We provide rigid and thremocol insulation to deliver you innovative solutions uniquely suited for a variety of marine applications.

Our Thermocol blocks for marine sector adds lightweight buoyancy to your boat and adheres to a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, glass and most plastic. It’s a quick and effective solution for a variety of marine applications. Thermocol has insulation properties also make it ideal for marine or fisheries sector.


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