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honeycomb packaging

Honeycomb Packaging

Honeycomb is a rugged, cost-effective, custom engineered craft paper material that is stronger than corrugated cardboard and less expensive than wood. Honeycomb is made by joining individual bands of craft paper together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells. In most cases, the cells are faced on both sides with similar materials to create an exceptionally strong product. Honeycomb packaging is a perfect protective packaging solutions including, transportation damage, inner product protection during shipments, packaging fillers and pallets. It can be combined with plywood, steel, plastics, FRP and many other materials used in packaging to form some of the strongest composite panels for its weight and dimensions.

Honeycomb Panels

Panels are robust and sturdy as plywood boards. Honeycomb paper panels are available in variety of thicknesses and Sizes. Panels are custom made as per customer demand. Honeycomb panels are also used to make indoor modular furniture and display accessories. Honeycomb panels are used as Stackers, partition for portable cabins, writing boards, portable sofa and many more.

Honeycomb Boards

Honeycomb paper boards are made up of craft paper which is mainly used as raw material for packaging purposes. Honeycomb paper boards are available in variety of thicknesses and therefore mainly used as buffer in boxes. honeycomb cardboard packaging are modified to fill the void spaces in box. This will ensure that product will not shake or misplace from its place inside the box. The honeycomb boards are used as buffers, separators, cushions, fitments, base and support inside the box.

Honeycomb Core Furniture and Doors Fillings

Honeycomb Core is a marvellous product used for making all types of interior doors by virtue of its high pressure strength. It is an ideal substitute to traditional solid fillings, chipboard strips or tube boards. Honeycomb packaging material is used for home furniture and door fillings.

Honeycomb Corner and Edge Supports

Honeycomb corner support and Edge protectors are moulded from Honeycomb boards, the corner supports ensures damage proof and protected transport. Unlike other conventional supports, honeycomb edge supports are lightweight very easy to install and apply. Honeycomb packing corners are available in various sizes and thicknesses. These are used in packaging of Electronic Components, tempered Glass panels, Speaker systems, automobile spares, Furniture assembly parts, etc.

EPACK provides complete Honeycomb packaging solutions in India at the affordable price.

honeycomb packaging

Advantages of Honeycomb Packaging

• Cheap
• Portable
• Ready to use
• Easy to assemble (DIY)
• It is the best substitute for wooden, plastic furniture.
• It is easy and safe to handle and use.
• An effective material and method to discharge our responsibility towards the protection of our environment and earth.


• High strength
• Laminated with water resistant layer
• Durable
• 100% Eco-Friendly

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