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Leading Manufacturer of Thermocol Products in India

Have you Ever Faced Challenges in Thermocol Packaging for your Products?

  • Are you having a tough time handling your customer due to breakage during the transit?
  • Is your freight cost touching the sky because of heavy packaging?
  • Protection against warehouse conditions, transit, and retailer’s condition
  • External environment including sunlight, UV rays, high and low temperature, humidity, moisture, and rain
  • Packaging trends, custom packaging
  • Horrifying ways of using stretch wrap incorrectly
  • Is your product getting rusted in transit?
  • Are you having difficulties in managing the leakage problem in your product?
  • Is your perishable product shelf life reduced and it’s getting rotten?
  • Problems in landfilling
  • Facing problem of Electro Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Good product, bad packaging

Your Challenges–

  • If you are exporting electronics, glass, ceramic products, you can have a tough time in handling your customers due to breakage during the transit.
  • If you are using wooden or plastic packaging for your products then it might be heavy and transportation cost will be high and will take more space as well.
  • If your products are stored in warehouse where moisture is due to weather conditions, transportation, and retailer’s condition. Your products might be damaged due to these conditions.
  • If your products are being transit by road transports then there are some chances of variation of temperature, lights, humidity and moisture etc. it can damage quality and life of the products.
  • If you are facing problems in customized packaging of the products and also latest trends of packaging solutions. You are giving more freight costs due to heavy weight and more space.
  • If you are packaging your products by wooden, plastic or corrugated boxes and products are being wrap wrongly then your products might be damaged or cost will be high in labelling or packaging.
  • If you are facing problem of rust due to moisture and variation in temperature or your packaging is not air tight then this type problem might be during transit.
  • If you are facing problems of leakage in packaging of the products like foods, fishes, meat and medicines. You can damage quality and life of the products.
  • Are you facing problems of reduced shelf life of perishable products? Shelf life of a food is the time during which it remains stable and retains its desired qualities.
  • Are you facing problems in landfilling for construction of roads, bridges and buildings? When you do not have dust to fill the void space.
  • Electro Static Discharge (ESD), is a serious issue that must be considered for the electronics industry. ESD is the sudden flow of electricity caused by two electrically charged objects coming in contact with each other.
  • You have very good products and do not have right packaging solutions. You want to transit from one place to another without any damages and breakages of the products. You will never want bad packaging for the same.

EPACK’s Solutions-

  1. EPACK Polymers provides customized thermocol boxes as per requirements of the products. We provide high density thermocol products, so that you will never have breakage problems.
  2. EPACK provides light weight packaging solutions for your products. EPS Thermocol is a light weight material and it will help to reduce freight costing.
  3. EPACK provides EPS thermocol which is odorless and colourless, you can save your products from fungus, lights and leakage problems. You can transit your products with NO DAMAGE.
  4. EPACK provides odorless and colorless thermocol packaging items which will help in protections of FMCG products from fungus, moisture, humidity, variation of temperature etc.
  5. EPACK provides customized packaging solutions according to latest trends of packaging, so you can save your freight costs with the help of light weight and proper customization of the products.
  6. EPACK provides custom packaging solutions for your products, you will get customized packaging boxes with high density and get relief from breakage or damage in transit. There will no need of labelling or wrapping of the products.
  7. EPACK provides odourless and colorless eps thermocol packaging solutions, so your products will not be rusted in transit. Our customized packaging items are airtight and no leakage problems.
  8. EPACK provides customized packaging solutions for FMCG items. You will never get leakage problems in the packaging. We provide airtight packaging items for the valuable items.
  9. EPACK provides customized thermocol boxes for packaging of FMCG foods like cosmetics, foods and beverages, medical devices, medicines, explosives, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, tires, batteries and many other perishable items. You can store your products as per requirements of storage of time.
  10. EPACK provides EPS Geofoam and high density thermocol blocks to fill void space for the construction of road, bridges and buildings etc. It is used for landfilling, space rising, and void filling of the spaces. It is light weight and life of the thermocol blocks are around 30-40 years.
  11. EPACK provides customized eps thermocol packaging solutions for electronics equipment. We work closely with you to develop the appropriate packaging solution in order to limit the harmful effects of ESD on valuable and sensitive products.
  12. EPACK provides customized packaging solutions for your important and valuable products. We have high density thermocol items, so your products will not be damage or break during the transit.
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